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PODCAST – Interview Mircea Baldean

Today’s episode features Mircea Baldean, who is a senior manager at RBC.

Mircea is always in search of new things to learn and new challenges. You can have an interesting conversation with him over lunch and he will always give you something to think about.

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Georgia Motoc and Mircea Baldean

Georgia Motoc and Mircea Baldean

Running time: 9’48”

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Job Interview Tips with Andrea Macri

TOPIC: An interview with BA Team Lead Andrea Macri on the topic of job interviewing.



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Andrea Macri (left) and Georgia Motoc

Andrea Macri (left) and Georgia Motoc

This is my very first podcast.

The reason I’m starting this podcast is to give you first-hand information about topics related to testing. It’s one thing to read it in a book and imagine what is like and another to hear it from somebody doing that job every day.

You will listen to BA’s, QA’s, Leads, Project Managers, speakers at conferences, developers, IT recruiters – people who have something to say about testing. The sky is the limit! I hope you enjoy it.

Andrea Macri is a Business Analyst and Team Lead at one of the major banks in Toronto. Because she has been interviewing people in the last few weeks, I thought it would be interesting having her in my podcast, revealing some of the questions she asked and what is her perspective on the interviewing process.



Thanks Andrea!

You can find Andrea Macri on LinkedIn.

George Motoc produced my podcast.

Strengths and Weaknesses

“What are your strengths?”
This is an unavoidable question that agents and employers will ask you every time you go for an interview.

Your strengths are what sets you apart from other testers, something that is particular to you and gives you a competitive advantage. Continue reading