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Should users be involved in testing?

Say you are the manager of an IT project and you have to decide who’s going to perform the testing of the new application developed for the Business unit downstairs. What are your options? How do you keep everybody happy and get what you want at the same time? Continue reading

What’s a good boss?

Oh, man, this is such a “hot” topic! People can talk about this forever!

So I’ve asked a few how would they describe a good boss?


Here’s what they say: Continue reading

Will a test tool resolve your problems?

Until recently I thought that having/using a test management tool (like Mercury for example) is the answer to some problems that happen a lot:
– testers don’t have a consistent way of writing test cases
– defect loggers (people other than testers sometime log defects) don’t follow basic rules when describing defects
– project managers don’t keep track of the test execution or defect status
And others. Continue reading